Adani Realty and M2K

Platinum Tower, Ultra Luxury Penthouse

Sector 12, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

Adani Realty and M2K

Platinum Tower, Ultra Luxury Penthouse

Sector 12, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon


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Platinum Tower by Adani Realty and M2K

More than just an address is required when you truly want to use your house to represent who you are, and Platinum Tower at Oyster Grande provides just that. Return home to an opulent and refined world where each nook and cranny is “an expression of your true self,” a feeling of acceptance. See some of the newest penthouses and opulent four-bedroom flats along Gurugram’s Dwarka Expressway.

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Platinum Tower Gallery


Swimming Pool

Multi-purpose Hall

Kids Play Area

Café Lounge

Ready, Set and Play


Lawn Tennis Court

Platinum Tower - Typical Floor Plan

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A House That Values Happiness

The Platinum Tower, developed by Adani Realty and M2K, is an essential component of Oyster Grande, which connects Delhi and Gurugram with a hyphen. It offers 4 BHK flats and penthouses, which are cozy living spaces surrounded by lovely open expanses and bring several amenities to enrich your lifestyle. It occupies a large site on the banks of the Dwarka Expressway.

Your home is more than just a property with an alphanumeric address; it’s a symbol of who you are and a space for personal expression. Every residence at Platinum Tower is designed to let your genuine self shine through. You’ll want to celebrate every minute you spend here because of the outstanding architectural innovation that went into creating the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, balconies, etc.

The residential tower’s apartments are open on three sides, providing a broad perspective of the wide stretches from your balcony or even from the coziness of your bed. The large, light-filled rooms give you the feeling of coziness and unity you’ve always desired. Every apartment has been carefully planned to accommodate a refined lifestyle that respects your privacy and gives you a sense of security in your house. The foyer greets you upon arrival, providing an overwhelming view of your new address. The living room, dining room, master bedroom, children’s room, and guest bedroom come next, and together they complete your apartment unit to create the ideal house of your dreams.

The four-bedroom apartments are roomy, but the penthouses at the top of the skyscraper offer a more remarkable and wonderful experience. Live life to the fullest in a penthouse that exudes optimism and a sense of unity with your loved ones and yourself. You may get breathtaking views of the Gurugram skyline, the 100-acre green space, the extended Dwarka Expressway, and much more by taking a stroll to the balcony. You might just sit there and take in the peace and quiet of the surroundings or hear the birds tweeting. The Oyster Grande and the area surrounding Platinum Tower are surrounded by a lot of vegetation and natural areas. The renowned Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is not too far away from the site.

Platinum Tower offers access to numerous locations that are essential for day-to-day struggles as part of modern living. There are several schools and other educational facilities nearby, as well as sports complexes, retail stores, restaurants, and medical facilities—some of which are still under construction. With the Dwarka Expressway, getting to the IGI Airport will be quicker.

Sports and fitness fans have a wide range of options to consider. You have many of options to improve your athletic abilities, including a basketball court, lawn tennis and badminton courts, and a box cricket area. For a more laid-back option, there is a pool table within the building. Additionally, there is a gym there with equipment to assist you give your all when working out.